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420 Friendly Spots in the DC

As cannabis becomes more and more accepted all over the world, it is becoming less of a headache to find places that welcome this amazing plant. However, in places like DC, Maryland, and Virginia where possession is legal there it still quite a bit of restrictions on where you are actually allowed to light up.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a great list of places that are 420 friendly so you don't have to worry about anybody killing your vibe.

Cannabis Friendly Areas in DC

Although recreational cannabis use is legal in DC, it's still illegal to smoke in public places. With that said, many establishments will allow you to smoke on their "private property".

Some of the most 420 friendly areas in DC Include:

Adams Morgan:

When it comes to places in DC with the strongest cannabis culture, Adams Morgan is high up on that list. Adams Morgan is filled with a diverse selection of bars, restaurants, shops & more. You will also notice the wonderful smell of cannabis pretty much everywhere you go in this area.

Adams Morgan is a great place to walk around if you want to get away from the mainstream tourist attractions & take in some beautiful & funky scenery. It is also home to a few i-71 complaint gifting shops that are very easy to spot!


H Street is arguably the hub for established initiative-71 compliant gifting shops. If you are in the mood to take a walking tour of what the DC cannabis scene has to offer, this is the place to do it as you will find multiple gifting storefronts practically right next to each other.

It is also home to one of the best weed delivery & curbside pickup services in DC, if you want to grab some bud on the go!


U-Street is home to a lively night scene, loud music, and plenty of opportunities to have some fun. It is also much less crowded than other places in the city which makes it easy to find discreet and private smoke spots.

Cannabis Friendly Staycations in DC

It is relatively easy to find vacation spots like this thanks to sites like Airbnb as well as Bud and Breakfast (A hotel & rental website that focuses solely on 420 friendly spots). However, they are usually relatively expensive because they offer unique curated cannabis experiences such as complimentary cannabis gifts & infused meals.

Here are a couple of 420 friendly staycation spots that are within the DC city limits.

Canna Cape Code DC - A cannabis friendly 3-story Cape Cod Home nestled in the heart of the city.

The Cozy Canna-Inn - An all inclusive cannabis and meditation friendly overnight For two.

Cannabis Friendly Coffee Shops in DC

As of late we are starting to see entrepreneurs open up cannabis friendly coffee shops where you can enjoy cannabis and a cup of coffee, sometimes even at the same time with some getting into making weed-infused coffee.

Pop back in & read this article again for updates on the latest canna cafes.

Cannabis Friendly Coffee Restaurants in DC

Although there are not many well-established cannabis restaurants in DC, it is an up and coming fad that can be noticed in states with fully legal recreational markets such as California & Colorado. Thankfully there are some good options for cannabis infused catering within the DC city limits including, Table 420 .

What Good is a 420 Friendly Spot without bud?

If you already have found your perfect smoke spot, whether it be a private residence, private business or if you are venturing outside to find your perfect spot, get the highest quality gifts in DC delivered to you with fast & easy delivery.

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