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Best Weed Delivery Service in Washington, DC

According to the Guardian, the first item ever sold on the internet was a little baggy of weed. Today, the internet gives us access to that and so much more with weed delivery services that will bring you dispensary quality bud on demand and fully built out online stores that allow you to browse from hundreds of products from your phone.

Cannabis delivery and curbside services are a great way for you to save time if you don't want to run to a dispensary. However, weed delivery companies vary widely when it comes to the quality of the cannabis itself, delivery times, etc. If you are looking for an i-71 compliant weed delivery service in DC with the highest quality gifts and fast delivery ShopNPop DC is your best option.

How to order

.The delivery process at ShopNPop DC is simple, start on the website where you browse through the large selection of cannabis gifts and accessories.

You then add the items you want to your cart just as you would on Amazon (No credit card info required) . If it is your first time ordering from Shop N Pop DC you will need to send a photo of your ID and a selfie to verify your age. Lastly, the Shop N Pop team will reach out to confirm the ETA for the delivery. Just like that the ordering process is done, and all that is left for you to do is sit back and wait for your order.

On top of their premiere delivery service, ShopNPop DC offers a rewards program where you can earn points for gift orders over $100. If your gift order qualifies, you will receive a collectable trading card that indicates the amount of points you earned amongst a variety of other gifts.

If you are considering weed delivery in the Washington DC area it is important to go with what you trust. ShopNPop DC is backed by 230 five star reviews and guarantees you the unmatched service you deserve. With ShopNPop DC you will know the specifics about your gifts and the exact ETA. ShopNPop DC also has a large delivery radius and even if you are outside of it, Shop N Pop DC will agree to meet you on the outside of the delivery radius to cut down on your driving time if you are traveling from Virginia or Maryland.

Overall ShopNPop weed delivery is a great option for those who don't want to spend their day off jumping through hoops. Let ShopNPop DC take care of you next time your stash is running low.

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