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DMV Strains Review: Strains You Should Try

On the hunt for the finest cannabis strains in the DMV? You’re in the right place! Join us on our quest for the most magical strains of cannabis and cannabis products.

Level up with Pac Man OG! The resin-filled buds of this strain come in a pretty medium green and boast a pungent aroma that is sweet and citrusy. Upon smoking Pac Man OG you will notice the earthy and piney flavors dance across your palette followed by a hint of lemon. The effects of this strain will leave you relaxed in a state of heavy euphoria with a THC percentage of up to 25%. This means that this strain is recommended for experienced tokers and can deliver overwhelming effects for those with a low tolerance.

This evenly balanced strain is a cross between the popular strain Strawberry Cough and White Nightmare and yields tremendously strong flower with effects that won't fail to disappoint.

The effects

of the of the incredibly high THC average of 32% quickly set in with a rushing head high followed by a powerful wave of euphoria. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how noticeable the strawberry flavors are in this strain which mix in very nicely with the other fruity and earthy flavors. Don’t let the name fool you, come chill in Strawberry Fields.

After taking a few puffs of the pleasantly aromatic Horchata strain a wave of calm comes over the body followed by a potent head high. You will notice a unique floral and earthy taste that immediately distinguishes this strain as top-shelf. The high for this strain is powerful yet smooth with a THC percentage of 20%, making it the optimal strain for a relaxing hangout with friends as the effects make you relaxed yet talkative.

Horchata is commonly used medically to treat symptoms of PTSD and depression, largely due to the myrcene terpene that is known to be very relaxing. The original breeder, GreenFire Genetics, created this strain by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato.

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